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Hello! Welcome to She Blogs About Jobs. I am Yandra.

This website is a community for people looking for legitimate online income opportunities worldwide. If you’re ready to earn money online, you will feel right at home here. You can expect tons of lucrative, tried and tested and deeply researched work at home opportunities, as well as some money and time management tips and cool affordable places to shop.


I do tons of research on how to make money online because, more than anything in the world I believe in freedom.  Freedom to do what you love or what you genuinely want to do, rather than what you’re forced to in order to sustain your life.

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For me, freedom means taking control of the 24 hours that I’m blessed with each day and being able to go wherever I want whenever I want to without financial or time limitations. I think that owning a business/company or working online are two of the best ways to achieve this level of freedom.


Therefore, If you value personal and financial freedom as well you are definitely in the right place and again I’d like to say welcome!


While the name of the blog is She Blogs About Jobs, my goal is to help you find personal and financial freedom online – yes sometimes that can include working for someone else online, but it can also mean starting a website or blog, starting an eCommerce site or joining existing money making programs online. Whatever it is for you, you will be provided with some great resources here.

Always remember that this blog is not a personal blog!

This is a blog for you! Here’s Why!

  1. It is about your struggles to find legitimate jobs and other money making opportunities online.
  2. It is about you asking me what you want to learn about in terms of making money online, and me working my butt off to provide you with the right information and resources.
  3. It is about your desire to have the time and freedom to do what you want while still making money.

To this end, I want you to feel free to contact me at any time telling me what you want me to write about on this blog. I want to provide my readers with exactly what they want at all times!

For now, this start here page will guide you to the exact resources that you’re looking for to start earning money online.


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I’m looking for part time jobs online

Don’t want to spend more than a few hours working each day and need extra cash? No problem. Here are the pages and posts you would need to check out.

Click here for the page on Part Time Jobs Online.


Articles on part time jobs

Click here for Websites That Pay You To Write Online.

Click here for Part Time Jobs Online.

Click here for Online Jobs For Creative People.


I want to work for myself.

Click here for page on Starting A Blog


Articles on starting a blog

Click here to Learn how to create a blog for money.

Click here to Learn how to make money with a blog.

This section will constantly be updated with valuable information and resources to help you create and maintain a very successful blog.


Click here for page on Opening An Online Store.



Articles on opening an online store

Click here to read how you can open an online store.


I’m looking for online jobs for people outside the US, UK and Canada.

It is no secret that people outside of the US, UK and Canada have limited online earning opportunities. However, with the right research, sheblogsaboutjobs.con will find you great international income opportunities. You can find them in the pages and posts listed here.


Click here for page on International Jobs.


Articles on International Jobs

Click here for paid surveys that you can do both in and out of the US.

More international online jobs.



I will work with you to help you find success online!