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This is She Blogs About Jobs official income and traffic reports page.

Every single month you will get a run down of how this blog is doing in terms of traffic, subscribers, and income right here.


A little about this blog and my journey.

From the day I decided to start my blog, I had a plan to make money from it. I mean, I had worked on a blog before unsuccessfully (I finally gave up on it because I had no idea of how to monetize or get traffic and I was not passionate about the topic I had chosen to blog about, plus it took so much of my time and I was not aware that there was an awesome community of bloggers willing to help each other grow their blogs!) and so I knew from the get-go that managing a blog could be like managing a small business (I have experience with small business as well). It takes a lot of time and work!

So earlier this year when I decided to start blogging again (this time about something that interests me), I immediately tried to find out the best ways to monetize and get traffic to my blog and doing it right this time.

Blogging about online jobs and other ways to earn money online is something that I enjoy. I love making money and helping others do that same as well!

I also want those of you who are interested in making money online from blogging to see the possibilities of making money with a blog. I have decided to give a detailed breakdown of everything I earn and spend on this blog!


I want you to come along with me on this journey and possibly start your own blogging journey too!


So here are the goals that I set for myself for the month of September. This blog was officially launched on September 1st, 2016. Those goals I set are for September 1st -September 30th, 2016.

Goal #1– Guest post four times.

Goal# 2– Have 30 posts published.

Goal# 3– Get 6000 page views for the month i.e an average of 198 pageviews per day.

Goal# 4– Make $100.00 from this blog.

Goal# 5– Get 150 Pinterest followers.

Goal# 6– Get 100 Facebook followers.

Goal# 7– Get 50 Twitter followers.

Goal # 8– Make 10% of my Page RPM (Google AdSense) daily.


How do I plan to achieve this?

1. Become very active on social media


Join as many group boards as possible.

Use Tailwind to schedule as many pins as possible.


Use Facebook promotion once a week (trying to keep expenses down).

Engage in Facebook blog related groups.


I’m not very familiar with twitter at all, so my plan is to learn some strategies and implement them to see the outcome!

More blog promotion

Promote blog/posts on Stumble Upon and Quora daily.

These are all my goals for this month! I think they’re reasonable for a new blog!


Will I achieve my goals for this month? Find out here on October 1st, 2016!!!

Monthly Income And Traffic Reports