How To Make A Blog For Under $5 Monthly: Beginners Guide

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If you’re here to learn how to make a blog for beginners, then you’re in the right place.

This blog post will give you the full scope on how to create a blog that you can start earning a full-time income from .

Before we even get into how to make a blog for beginners, I know many of you want to know who blogs and why.

The answer is:

Anyone who wants to share, inspire, grow and make money. This includes people who are interested in topics such as :

1. Writing

2. Health and Fitness

3. Finance

4. Music

5. Blogging

6. Home Decor

7. DIY

8. Organisation/Planning/Planners/Printable’s

9. Technology

10. Music

11. Fashion/ Hair and Beauty

And the list goes on and on.

Most bloggers who are willing to put in the time and effort earn an income online every single month and it’s very rewarding to share this information with people who want to learn how to make a blog for earning an income.

It’s simple really. Just follow these steps to learn exactly how to make a blog for a very affordable price. Like many other bloggers will tell you, it really is very cheap to start, usually less than $10 a month, but I will show you how to start for less than $5 a month below.

how to make a blog for beginners


1. What do you want to blog about?

To create a successful blog you may need to find your passion. This thing that you can write on or research about all day long if you had to. Is your passion art, planner printables, celebrity lifestyles, helping yourself and others find financial and time freedom through online income? Whatever it is, I believe that there is a way to earn an income with it.


2. Choose a blogging platform

Since you’re here to learn how to make a blog for beginners, I won’t spend much time on the different blogging platforms. There are free platforms such as blogger and Tumblr and even that you can use for free. However, know off the bat that you will be severely limited if you choose those platforms.

You will have much more limited monetization options on your blog, if you use free blogging platforms.

The best option when it comes to creating a blog that you can earn a steady income from is No questions asked. is one of the best platforms to create a blog for money.

“I personally use and I love it, not only because it is super beginner friendly and easy to use, but also because there is a wealth of information surrounding WordPress blogs.”

You can find a solution for any problem that you may have with your WordPress blog with a simple Google search.


Within WordPress,  there are two options. There is usually a bit of confusion so I will clarify here. blogs: Hosted. Those are free, but offer less opportunities to monetize. You will also get a domain name that looks like this: Not cool right?

Since you’re here to learn how to make a blog for less than $5 monthly, let’s get right into the best platform you should use to achieve your goals. blogs: Self-hosted/Managed. Those are much more professional and you can monetize as much as you want. (Side note most blog income comes from being able to monetize your blog, especially if you’re not selling your own products or services on your blog. But we shall speak about this later). Your domain will look like this:

So, if you’re  here to learn how to make a blog for earning money online, I highly recommend choosing as your blogging platform.

how to make a blog for money

3. Find the best price for web hosting online!

A web host is simply a space on the internet that you pay for that allows your blog to be found online. Put simply, it is like a space that you rent to have your blog in, similar to a piece of real estate property for a physical business, except it is way cheaper than renting physical space.

Typically, web hosting costs about $10 a month.

You can get the best price for web hosting by using SiteGround (WordPress) web hosting services.  They are an official WordPress recommended web hosting service and SiteGround delivers great service to customers.


start your blog


This is the best price for web hosting at only $47.40 for an entire year!

This is what you will receive:

  1. A free domain name included (this will save you $14. 95 for your first year)
  2. 24/7 technical support
  3. Free daily backup
  4. Step by step video tutorial and written instructions about setting up WordPress with SiteGround
  5. 30-day money back guarantee
  6. Find out what else you get when you purchase WordPress web hosting with SiteGround here.

This is truly unbeatable value.


Here is the process you should follow to take advantage of the best price for web hosting with SiteGround.


Click here to receive 60% off your first SiteGround Web Hosting package  (This link will open in a new window)


  • Select your hosting plan.

I recommend the StartUp plan if you’re new. (You can upgrade at any time)

Obviously, because it is cheaper, however, you can pick the GrowBig or GoGeek plan for added features if you’re interested.

Click on the blue ‘order now’ button to select your plan and move to the next step.

learn how to create a blog for money



  • Pick a domain name.

A domain name is a web address that helps people find you on the internet. For example, my domain name is

Give this some thought since you will be stuck with it for a while.

Some of you may already have a domain name. For those of you who have already purchased your domain name click on ‘I already have a Domain’

Those of you who don’t will have to add a domain name in the box which says (my new domain)

This new domain is free for the first year. More savings for you 😀

Here are some tips to keep in mind when picking a domain name.

start you own blog

Click the blue button that says ‘proceed ‘ to get to the next step.


learn how to create a blog for money


  • Fill in your billing and login information


how to create a blog for money

  • Fill in your payment information

learn how to create a blog


  • Confirm your purchase and select extra services (only if you want)

Should you choose extras?

Choose the extra services only if you can afford them or want them. I’m sure they have added value but they aren’t necessary to start your blog. However, if you’re concerned about your privacy you might want to select domain privacy. This will help you to keep information such as your name and address private.

Click the blue ‘pay now’ button to purchase your affordable web hosting plan.


cheap web hosting

Now that you have taken advantage of this great service at the best web hosting price, it’s time to install WordPress.

Get 60% off SiteGround Web Hosting for a limited time! Check it out… Click To Tweet


4. Install WordPress with ease in under 5 minutes.

Click the link below for simple instructions on how to install WordPress from Siteground.

How to install WordPress 


5. Design Elements Of Your Blog

  1. Select and Install a Theme


Note: SiteGround offers a list of free WordPress themes designed by the SiteGround team that you can use. However, you also have the option to go directly to to choose and install a free theme.


You can also purchase a theme of your choice or use a free theme from the repository. I have outlined the steps you need to take to successfully install a WordPress theme. Click the link below for instructions:

How to choose and install a WordPress theme for your blog.


2. Install and Activate Plugins

Click the link below to learn the simple process of installing and activating WordPress plugins for your new blog.

How to install and activate plugins on your blog.


Bring the other design elements of your blog together to have a compelling and successful blog.

Design your logo for free here.

Use Pinterest, Canva or other helpful websites on the internet for inspiration on picking a beautiful color scheme for your blog. Do not throw haphazard colors together and call it a day. After all, colors have psychological meanings which can help convey messages to your readers and can improve the performance of your blog. The colors you choose can also impact how well a reader can read your blog. So choose a color scheme wisely.

If you need images to set up your blog or for your blog posts, you can download free stock photos from Pixaby

Choose the right blog typography. The right typography will make your content easily readable. Also keep in mind that larger fonts are more effective than smaller fonts.

Choose a theme with a proper layout. Right sidebars perform better than left side bars and remember that your actual blog content (posts, images) should take up at least 65% of your design. So, consider choosing a theme that supports right sidebars.


4. Be sure to create a simple yet effective privacy policy and disclaimer for your blog. This is especially important if you are going to monetize your blog. 


6. Start to create content for your blog


1. Start to write or create valuable content early. Whatever that may be for you.


In this post below, I show you have to create pages and posts for your new WordPress blog

How to add pages and posts to your new blog.



Now that you’re about to start creating your blog content, I suggest that you use some highly targeted keywords through your blog posts.

An Awesome tool to get started with the best keywords for your content

You can also use this paid tool called Jaaxy. This is amazing for helping you understand and use the perfect keywords to maximize your ranking in Google. Just for using this link, you will receive a free trial for 30 free keyword searches with Jaaxy.

You can use this freebie to create your starting content even if you never end up upgrading.

After the free trial, you can choose to upgrade and pay $19 monthly for this very powerful product.


See Jaaxy in action here.

free tools on how to create a blog for money


You can use this link to get 30 free keyword searches.

You can also read my detailed review of Jaxxy here.

4. If you’re creating your blog to make money by selling a product(s), then you may or may not want to monetize your blog (although adding some relevant affiliate links for a few extra bucks won’t hurt you 🙂

5. If your blog is not centered around selling your own products, then I highly recommend using ad networks, affiliate networks or affiliate links on your blog as a way to bring in some income.

Also, you can look around on the websites that you use and would recommend to find out if they have affiliate programs. You can make some money by sharing the products and services that you love or recommend on your blog. I recommend sharing products that you use or have researched well or products/services that will bring value to your readers’ lives.

Recommended Reading: Find out the techniques you can use to make money off your blog.

6. Now you’ve paid the best price for your web hosting plan and set up your free WordPress theme, I suggest you spend at least 2 weeks to a month to properly set up your blog before launching it.

7. Make sure to promote your blog/content via social media such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

how to make a blog for beginners


Imagine having to juggle 16 social media platforms, having to create valuable content for your blog and learning the ins and outs of WordPress.

This can become very overwhelming if not managed well. This could cause you to underperform in everything.

In this case, less is more! So only choose 3-5 social platforms that you can manage well and you are a bit familiar with to start. The rest will come in later.



You are now the proud owner of a self- hosted WordPress blog. You have learned how to make a blog for less than $100, now learn about ways new bloggers can earn money here. The sky is the limit! You can start earning money online through your blog, be consistent, be smart and learn as much as you can as quickly as you can to grow your blog and make it a source of constant income. Because it is totally possible and you’re able to start by getting the best price for web hosting at $47.40 for an entire year!!


I have followed these exact steps on how to make a blog for side income and I would like to share my income reports with you below.

Blog income posts

I launched my own blog on September 1st 2016. Here is my progress so far:

September 2016 income and traffic report  $51.29

October 2016 income and traffic report  $145.89

November 2016 income and traffic report $245.36

December 2016 income and traffic report $354.24

January 2017 income and traffic report $763.76

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See how much money bloggers are making online here.



Your turn…

If you have any questions regarding how to make a blog for less than $5 per month or questions on anything else, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I would love to help in any way I can.

Also, leave additional suggestions down below to help our readers looking for more information on how to make a blog for sharing their passions!

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